What We Do,

We are a full service photography studio striving to  be the best of the best in Canadian Equine Photography. We have  exceptionally high expectations of ourselves, the work we produce and  our stature within the photography and equestrian communities. 

We  are not a low-cost, unlimited picture provider. We create memories and  turn them into art you'll want to hang on your walls or display on your  coffee table in one of our two book offerings. 

Our  photo sessions capture and display the connection and relationship  between you and your horse. And no one understands this better than we  do. 

Partners in life  and work, Mette and Mark challenge each other to produce work that  elevates the bar higher and higher with each shoot. 

Throughout  it all we will communicate with you, so you will know exactly how to  prepare yourself and your horse for our sessions. Once the shoot is  completed you will have a crystal clear understanding of what you can  expect to receive from us and by when. 

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